Kia Ora! Talofa! Gidday!

Woohoo, the school holidays. I love 'em! How about you?

Make sure you check out all the experiments at the bottom of each Fact Sheet page for ideas of things you can do at home. And if you think if something new that we might like to do, make sure you let us know on the Messages page.

Use our search engine to find the factsheets for the things you are interested in.

Have a great day! Lots of love... Suzy :o)

Hey, guess what? My little experiment seems to be working. So I've uploaded a new video to the Treehut TV Channel on YouTube! Now there's Magnatisim and Cold Virus online (neither video are currently on a Suzy's World DVD).

It would be awesome if you visited the page and told me if you think having some programmes on the internet is a good idea. Just check with your folks first, ok?!


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