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Gaylene Walsh sent in this recipe.

1 tin sweetened crushed pineapple
2 large or 4 small apples
2 or 3 peaches
2 or 3 nectarines
4 or more kiwifruit
1 or 2 oranges  or  4 mandarins
tamarillos (optional)

Open the tin of pineapple and pour it into a large bowl. Peel and dice the fruit (except the grapes) into small pieces. Cut the grapes in half. Place all the fruit in the bowl with the pineapple and mix well. Place it in the fridge to chill.

Apparently the
apple won't go brown, as it would normally when you cut it and leave it for a while, if you mix it in straight away.
Gaylene says if you decide to use tamarillos, be warned, the salad will go purple - it doesn't look very nice but still tastes great.