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Luca used to love having a “Fluffy" at his mum's favourite cafe when the lived in town.  Now that he and mum live in the country mum makes this treat for him.

a hand operated milk "frother" (looks like a mini coffee plunger but has a little whisk on the end)
1/4 cup if warmed milk
a sprinkle of sugar added to the milk before it is warmed
a sprinkle of drinking chocolate powder
three mini marshmallows

Warm the milk and sugar a little in the microwave. Use the hand held milk "frother" to froth the milk and make it fluffy.  Pour most of the froth and a little of the milk into a small cup and sprinkle it with a little drinking chocolate powder.
Put the mini marshmallows on the cup's saucer with a teaspoon. Enjoy as a treat for special "morning tea parties".

Luca has three marshmallows - one for each hand and one for the cup :o)