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With all the celebrations/parties at this time of the year Fiona feels it’s nice for the little ones to join in the toast with their own special drink.

drinking glasses (plastic if need be)
tropical fruit juice
small pieces of fruit (
cut if nessassary) like stawberries, grapes, apricots etc
orange/green/or red jelly crystals

Half fill a medium sized glass (plastic glass) with lemonade then top up the glass with a tropical fruit drink.


Top the glass up with a mixture of tropical fruit drink and water.


Garnish the drink with tiny pieces of fruit like strawberries, apricots, grapes etc


For extra special occasions decorate party glasses prior to pouring in the “drink” by dipping the rim of the glass is juice then dipping the it in green or orange jelly crystals.  Decorate the glasses earlier in the day and leave the jelly and juice to set around the rim before pouring in the drink mixture.