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Olivia has been busy helping her parents make toasted sandwiches over the school holidays. (Sarnies is a nickname for sandwiches)
slices of sandwich bread (white or wholemeal)
your choice of fillings like:
cold meat (like ham or chicken)
grated cheese
spaghetti or baked beans
mashed boiled egg 

Butter two slices of bread and place the buttered sides together.  Spread your favourite fillings on one unbuttered side.  Gently heat a flat based frying pan.  Carefully place the slice of bread with the fillings on, butter side down, in the fryingpan and place the other slice on top.  

Use a fish slice to press down on the sandwich and when the bread is toasted use the fish slice to turn the sandwich over to toast the other side.

Use the fish slice to carefully remove the sandwich from the frying pan. Cut it in half diagonally and then in to triangles and leave to cool a little before eating

Olivia's favourite sandwich is ham and grated cheese and mum helps her use a large biscuit cutter to cut the sandwich into shapes before mum cooks them in the frying pan

You could make toasted sandwiches to take, cold, for your school lunch.