Suzy's World Videos & Icky Sticky Book
Suzy's World is a science based television series for 5-9 year olds presented by Suzy Cato. 
Designed by teachers to be entertaining and educational Suzy's World asks the big questions and finds out the answers taking children on an adventure of discovery.
Suzy's World is relevant to all children, follows the science curriculum and empowers and stimulates children to make further investigations in science.

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VOLUMES 1 - 20 (Available only on DVD)
Vol 20 - Safe ‘n’ Sound
Vol 19 - Bright Sparks
Vol 18 - Wings ‘n’ Water
Vol 17 - Out ‘n’ About
Vol 16 - Wet, Wild World
Vol 15 - Fins, Fur, Feathers
Vol 14 - Little Critters
Vol 13 - Mix it Up
Vol 12 - Space Place
Vol 11 - Blood, Bones and Brains
Vol 10 - It goes where?
Vol 9 - Bright Light
Vol 8 - Wheelies
Vol 7 - Gotta Grow
Vol 6 - Our World
Vol 5 - Animal Antics
Vol 4 - Creepy Crawlies
Vol 3 - Pop’n’Fizz
Vol 2 - Stars'n'Stuff
Vol 1 - The Body

Safe 'n' sound - Volume 20
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"Life Jacket"
   Why do we need to wear life jackets? Suzy tries a few life jackets on for size to
   answer this question.
   Why do I have to wear a cycle helmet? We slip on a “skid lid” and cycles our way to
   the answer.
   Why do you have to wear a seatbelt? A watermelon is injured in the making of this
"Smoke Alarms"
   How do smoke alarms work? This investigation is quite alarming.
   Why are there flags on the beach? This is a gritty investigation.
   What do you do when an accident happens? We find out what to do when Anne falls
   off her bike.

Bright Sparks - Volume 19
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   How can a bird sit on a power line? Two joke telling birds help this investigation.
   How does a toaster work? We lift the cover off the secrets of electrical circuits.
   What does a lighthouse do? Suzy explores the site of a shipwreck in the Caitlins.
   Why does your hair go all tingly when you comb it? We experiment with static
"Light bulb"
   How does a light bulb work? Suzy throws some light on how lightbulbs work.
   What does a dam do? An investigation on top of, and under the Clyde Dam.

Wings 'n' water - Volume 18
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   How does a helicopter fly? We explore helicopters in Fiordland.
   How do submarines work? Suzy uses a fleet of submarines to investigate this one.
   What makes a yacht go? We join the Team New Zealand headquarters to get the secret
   of a yachts success.
   What makes things fly? Suzy visits the Queenstown Airport to discover the secret.
   Why do planes fly so high? There’s a lot of facts and information flying around in
   this one.
   How does steam power things? We head to the boiler room of the HMS Earnslaw on
   Lake Wakatipu to find out.

Out’n’About - Volume 17
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   What happens to leaves in Autumn? Drop in on this investigation and don’t leave
   till you have the answers.
   Where does wind come from? Suzy climbs to the top of Mt Eden to check out wind.
   How does a tree eat? Suzy can’t see how a tree eats without a mouth and decides
   to get to the root of the problem.
   What good is a rotten apple? We visit Kauri Park Primary and find why a rotten
   apple is the apple of a student’s eye.
   What lives in the garden? We investigate what lives in a garden and discover all
   is not what is seems...
   Where does thunder come from? Suzy decides that thunder makes her wonder and

Wet, wild world - Volume 16
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   What causes waves? Suzy discovers there’s more to waves than water.
   What makes an earthquake? We visit Te Papa, New Zealand’s National museum, to
   Why does it rain? We investigate clouds.
   What is a tornado? Suzy uses a vacuum cleaner to create a whirlwind in this
   What happens when a volcano erupts? We visit the Buried Village in Rotorua to find
   out what happens when good volcanoes get grumpy.
   How can you tell what the weather is going to be like tomorrow? Suzy brews up a
   storm in this investigation.

Fins, fur, feathers - Volume 15
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   What makes a cat a cat? We take a trip to the Auckland Zoo to find the answer.
   Why don’t penguins fly? Suzy gives flying lessons to the Little Blue Penguins
   while she investigates.
   How many teeth does a shark have? The New Zealand Marine Studies Centre in
   Dunedin helps us answer this question.
"Rock Pool"
   What lives in a rock pool? Suzy heads to the beach to find out.
   Why does a mouse like to live in your house? We investigates these cute little
   Why do birds sing? We take a stroll through the bush to find out.

Little Critters - Volume 14
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   Where do you find the world’s biggest spider? We visit the Otago Museum
   which has the worlds largest collection of spiders.
   Why does a sandfly bite? Suzy sacrifices her arm to the pesky critter, to
"Glow Worms"
   Why do glow worms glow? We shed a little light on the answer for you.
   What does a Cicada look like? We get up close and personal with these
   noisy critters.
"Flies Walking"
   How do flies walk on walls and ceilings? Suzy’s stuck on this investigation.
   How does a Weta hear? A cave weta is a bit of a handful in this investigation!

Mix it up - Volume 13
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   How can I make soft drinks at home? How to make delicious fizzy ginger
   What does it take to make the perfect cake? Join Suzy as she does a fair
   test on various ingredients.
   How come some liquids don’t mix? We separates the facts on why some liquids
   don’t mix.
   What’s the difference between an oven and a microwave? We make dessert to
   find out.
   What’s the best way to dissolve drinking chocolate? A hot day requires a
   cold drink.
"Jelly Beans"
   How are jellybeans made? When Suzy’s jellybean supply runs out she decides
   to make her own.

Space Place - Volume 12
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   Why does the moon change shape? We stay up late to investigate the changing
   shape of the moon.
"Satellite 2"
   Why don’t satellites fall out of the sky? We reach for the sky in this
   What would it be like to live on another planet? We go on an interplanetary
"Black hole"
   What is a black hole in space? Stunt Suzy goes where no stunt doll has gone
"Moon 2"
   Where did the moon come from? We find that the moon is not made of cheese.
"Night and Day"
   What makes night and day? Suzy investigates where she can get the longest
   night hours for a good sleep.

Blood, Bones, and Brains - Volume 11
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   What does your brain do? Suzy investigates the control tower of your body.
   Why does your heart beat? We pumps out information about the beating heart.
   Why does your body need blood? Suzy really gets her hands dirty in this
   What is a skeleton? We make no bones about this investigation at Te Papa,
   New Zealand’s National museum.
   How does a broken bone heal? We visit Starship Hospital for this
"Belly buttons"
   Why do you have a belly button? Suzy investigates bellybuttons, is yours
   an “inney” or an “outty?”

It goes where - Volume 10
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   What happens after you flush?
   Where do letters go when you post them?
   How does kiwifruit get to the supermarket?
   Where does the water go when it rains?
   How much rubbish does one person make in a day?
   How do you make a road?

Bright Light - Volume 9
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"What makes a shadow?"
   Suzy casts a little light on this subject as she answers this question.
"Why do you need to wear sunblock?"
   This burning question needs to be answered.
"What is a mirror?"
   We follow the process of a mirror being made to find out how it works.
"How does a camera work?"
   Suzy focuses on capturing the right image for this so you don’t get a negative
   idea about it.
"What is colour?"
   Suzy finds that reflecting light helps to answer this question about colours.
"Why do things look smaller the further away they are?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Wheelies - Volume 8
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"How do cars work?"
   We’ll find what’s under the bonnet of a car and how all the parts work together.
"Why do bikes have gears?"
   Let’s slip on a 'skid lid' and experiments with the bike to find the answer.
"Why do we need a speed limit?"
   The luge in Rotorua is the perfect place to put speed to the test.
"Why do the wheels on my skateboard have to be round?"
   Suzy tries different shaped wheels to find out.
"How does a tram work?"
   We ride a tram in Christchurch to find the answer is electrifying.
"What is a simple machine?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Gotta Grow - Volume 7
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"How do plants grow?"
   We stalk the nearest plants to get to the root of this investigation.
"How do you tell how old a tree is?"
   Suzy discovers the answer to this question with a ring of confidence.
"What is the difference between fruit and vegetables?"
   We’ll find that it really all comes down to seeds and flowers.
"Why do some plants have prickles?"
   Suzy she decides to investigate for herself and not 'leaf' things to the experts.
"How do apples grow?"
   Let’s follow the life cycle of an apple growing in Central Otago.
"What is a fossil?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Our World - Volume 6
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"What is the earth made of?"
   We’ll a voyage to the centre of the earth, stopping at every layer on the way.
"How are mountains made?"
   Join Suzy as she moves mountains to find out exactly how they’re made.
"What does earth look like from space?"
   We’ll look down from the top of the Sky Tower to get perspective on this investigation.
"Were there dinosaurs in New Zealand?"
   Suzy converts the treehut lab into prehistoric New Zealand to discover the answer.
"Why don’t we feel the earth moving?"
   Suzy gets herself in a spin discovering that it’s all to do with speed.
"How were the Marlborough Sounds made?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Animal Antics - Volume 5
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"How does grass get turned into milk?"
   Suzy is joined by Lucy the cow and finds this investigation udderly amazing.
"How do you get a shark’s attention?"
   We’ll head out on the Otago Harbour to find out first hand.
"Why aren’t elephants purple?"
   Join Suzy and Cashin and Burma, the Asian elephants at the Auckland Zoo for this investigation.
"How do you take care of a dog?"
   Geoffrey, the Golden Labrador, helps answer this question.
"Why do eggs have shells?"
   This investigation takes us right into a hen house.
"Why do animals have tails?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Creepy Crawlies - Volume 4
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"How does a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?"
   We follow the life cycle of the monarch butterfly to answer this question.
"Where do worms like to live?"
   Suzy gets the dirt on the worm to find it the perfect place to live.
"What job do houseflies do?"
   Join Suzy, Fran the fly and a handful of maggots for this investigation.
"Why does a bee make honey?"
   We’ll head to a hive to find out.
"What are headlice?"
   Suzy uses a shrinking machine to investigate these pesky critters and the best ways to get rid of them.
"Why do spiders make webs?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Pop’n’Fizz - Volume 3
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"What makes popcorn pop?"
   We turn the heat up on this investigation and the results are quite explosive.
"How do I boil an egg?"
   Suzy finds out that there is more to boiling an egg than you think.
"What makes purple cabbage juice turn red?"
   Suzy experiments with chemistry in the kitchen.
"What makes things fizz?"
   Fizzy drink is fascinating stuff and we discover how they get the bubbles in the bottles.
"Why does ice cream melt so fast?"
   You’ll find ice is cool to experiment with.
"How does bread get made at the supermarket?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Stars'n'Stuff - Volume 2
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"How big is space?"
   We drive into space to investigate which planet would be the best one to holiday on.
"Why do stars twinkle?"
   An overnight camp helps Suzy in her star gazing investigation.
"Why do astronauts bounce on the moon?"
   Suzy compares gravity on earth to gravity on the moon.
"How do rockets work?"
   We rev up our engines and blast into action on this investigation.
"How does the TV show us something that’s happening on the other side of the world?"
   We’ll discover that the answer to this question about satellites is a very bouncy one.
"Why is the sky blue?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

The Body - Volume 1
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"What happens when you eat baked beans?"
   Suzy delves into the digestive system for the answer to this question.
"Which grows faster, your hair or your nails?"
   There’s only one way to find out - investigate.
"What icky things does my body do?"
   Join Suzy as she finds that nearly everything your body does, it does
   in your best interests.
"How can I stop my feet from smelling?"
   Suzy uses swabs and Petri dishes to investigate and finds the answer
   really grows on you.
"Why dopes my body make rude noises?"
   Suzy finds why our amazing body machines need to expel air.
"What do your lungs do?"
   Bonus programme to the DVD.

Icky Sticky Body Book
"What happens when you eat baked beans?"
   Find out with Suzy as she investigates what every child wants to
   know about the human body.ICKY STICKY BODY answers some of the
   best questions from the TV series 'Suzy's World' and looks at many
   other interesting functions of your amazing body.
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