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To Suzy
sorry I haven't send you a email for ages.But the other day I did one of your tricks it was about hair. I'm always watching your program and go to your website and + my dad likes your program because you are teaching everyone.
By for now from your freind JETAL
Hi Suzy
Today was the first day I saw your show thanks to my dad! It's a great show and I totally loved it!! my dad thought it was brill to!
Best wishes
You should do a show on how your show is made.
From Adrian
TV Programme Factsheet
Hello, I love your web site. It's cool I learn lots from it.
From Samantha
Dear Susy
I am in upper hutt I am sick I saw you on tv are you my friend. Tonight are you watch friend tonight. I got a teddy here his name is Brownie and I got hello kitty.
From Frances Wong
Hello Suzy
We watch 'big kids'& 'little kids' Suzy all the time. I like to learn lots of interesting things from your programme. I liked the caterpillar programme the best.
Love Caitlin Aged 4
Suzy - I was really disappointed to hear that Suzy's World was being canned! We all watch it and learn a lot from it. It even helps me answer those impossible questions!
From Larissa Hogan
Hi Suzy
Sorry to hear about your show being taken off TV. I really enjoyed it, especially the bloopers at the end of each show. I think that it is a strange move for TV3 to take your show off because it is so educational and entertaining. I am perhaps a bit older than you average viewer (25) but I still enjoyed watching and learning new things.
I hope you dont disappear from our screens as you are a real asset to TV and to the thousands and thousands of kids who love you.
Thanks for your time Suzy.
To Suzy. Your movie is the bomb, you're cool and the facts are cool.
Love Ethan and Shania ooooxxxxxoooooxxxxxoooooxxxxx
To Suzy my name is Duncan I want too find out obout Mice becuse our class might get one. I want too know...which mouse is the best a boy mouse or a girl mouse? Is a glass tank beter than a mettle bard cage?
From Duncan Killick.
Mouse Factsheet
Hi Suzy
I just wanted to ask you what is the blood in your body made out of and what makes it go red? Thankyou
lots of happiness from Tyler 11.
Blood Factsheet
Wazz up,
I think ur shows are brilliant and its dumb how they have been taken of air. it was a real dissapointment. I watched you when I was little and I just loved them.
Love you Suzy.... p.s I meet you and sat on your knee and got a photo with you in Palmy North..remember..
From Bonnie, 12
Dear Suzy,
My daughter put a full sized bath as a garden feature, and now we have four frogs enjoying the water and water lilies. These are green and have gold markings on them. They are all about the same size. I dread to think about all the tadpoles there could be. We are in afairly sheltered position, have quite a few pukeko's around as well as rosella's.
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