Why canít you just eat chocolate?
  • Chocolate is high in fat and sugars so although itís ok to eat it when you need lots of energy (like when youíre tramping or climbing) its not good for it to be a major part of our daily food.
  • Our bodies need a lot of different foods each day so that they work well.
  • Our bodies work best when we eat lots of fruit, vegetables, breads, cereals and pasta because our bodies need the complex carbohydrates and fibre that make up those types of foods.
  • Our bodies also need protein which we get from things like meat, eggs, fish and nuts; and a little bit of fat which we get from things like butter
  Did You Know?
  • Thousands of complicated chemical processes happen every second inside our bodies and we need to eat food which will help those processes happen properly.
  • Our bodies use protein to grow strong and healthy.
  • Our bodies use the vitamins and minerals that it gets from things like fruit and veggies to keep us healthy.
  • We need some sugars and fats to give us energy but our body stores this kind of food really easily so too much fatty or sugary food isnít a good thing for our bodies.
How does your food make you feel?

Make a note of the foods you eat in one day and think about how your body feels before and after youíve eaten each one.
What does your body feel before you eat breakfast? Does it feel hungry? Does your tummy growl with hunger? It probably will because it will probably have been at least 8 hours since you last had something to eat. Thatís a long time to go without eating.
How do you feel after youíve eaten breakfast?
Tomorrow have something different for breakfast and see how you feel. Do you feel any different? (if you had toast today maybe have cereal tomorrow)
How about after lunch?
Some foods give us more energy than others - some make us feel sleepy as our body tries to digest the food.
Design your own poster of a healthy food pyramid and put your favourite foods on it. What vitamins and minerals or good things does your favourite food give your body? See if you can find out.
What is a teacherís favourite candy? Chalkolate (chocolate)
From Alison

What kind of bars won't hold in a person in jail?
Chocolate bars
From Nikki Walsdorf

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